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Accomplish Your Goals with Time Management

Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Throughout your life you’ve been told how important time management is to accomplish goals and achieve success. While you understand the significance of this concept, time management can be daunting to cultivate and maintain, especially when most of your day is spent reacting to what is happening around you.

Effectively managing time and tasks should not only be a priority, but also a practical approach to avoid forgetting that email you were supposed to send or that client you were supposed to call. There are simple methods you can use to set yourself up for success which are easy to manage and helpful to use on a daily basis.  

If it’s not written, it’s not “real”. During the seminar Dr. Tom Denham of Careers in Transition, LLC presented during the Chamber’s seminar series this month, he said, “if it’s not written, it’s not real.” This holds true for time management and prioritizing tasks.

It’s important to write down what you need or want to accomplish throughout the day. Writing down tasks makes them “real” in your thinking, thus ensuring you don’t forget the high-priority items you need to address, even when you get distracted. You can physically write tasks with paper and pen or you can use an online management tool, such as Trello.  

Prioritizing is important too.  When time is of the essence, recognizing high-priority items is imperative. You could “grade” them by number, or use different color inks, such as using red for very important ones and green for items that can wait.  These are simple ways to signify what you must tackle first. Online task management tools offer an array of features for marking entries as high-priority.

Schedule your day – tasks too. Scheduling your appointments and projects is helpful when determining how much time you can allocate to a particular goal. For example, instead of simply scheduling committee meetings, try scheduling time to answer emails, do a bit of research and development, or handle urgent matters. This helps keep you on schedule throughout the day, holding you accountable and prepared for your meetings. You’re sure to check your phone less if you only have a half hour to design the weeks’ email marketing campaigns.

Developing a time management technique results in a more productive day which will enrich both your professional and personal life. There are a ton of useful tools available to help you; my favorites include:

            Trello – This online task management tool enables you to create different boards, each with their own lists. You can add separate, prioritized tasks (called cards) to each of the lists, thus allowing for ultimate customization. For example, you could have a separate board for each client, each client’s board could list the services you offer that client and prioritized tasks could be added to each of the lists.

            Passion Planner – This planner is more than simply a scheduling tool. You can schedule your day while also considering your long-term goals. If you’re a paper and pen person, this is the way to go.

            Moleskine Timepage – If you love visual applications and don’t want to carry your paper planner around with you all day, Moleskine Timepage is an incredibly useful timeline-style calendar app you can use to plan your day.

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