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3 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Business Page

Posted on Friday, April 29, 2016


There is no doubt how important your business’ social media presence is. Social media is a great tool to not only boost your SEO (I’m looking at you, Google +), but also connect with your customers and fans on a one-to-one level. Because social media plays a major role in a company’s marketing efforts, using each outlet appropriately is vital to success. Facebook is one of the most popular outlets for businesses, which is why it is essential to have a Facebook business page and know how to use it properly, efficiently, and effectively.


Is your business page really a Facebook page? – First things first, make sure you start your business page as an actual Facebook page. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses that have their Facebook page set up as an individual profile. This mistake requires fans to add the business as a friend instead of simply liking the page, which can be frustrating. Also, depending on your privacy settings, fans that haven’t added you as a friend won’t be able to see your content. Why would anyone befriend your business if there isn’t some type of value? They wouldn’t. To create a page, go to your personal Facebook home page; in the left column, select “Create Page.”


Speaking of value, what’s your strategy to provide it? – Having a strategy is so important. It’s actually so important I’m going to write it again: having a strategy is so important. Why are you on Facebook? Are you hoping to increase brand awareness? Are you looking to engage with current customers? Do you want to build trust between your business and the community? Whatever your reasons may be, you need to know why you’re using Facebook. Once you have your goal in place, devise your strategy. How are you going to increase brand awareness, engage customers, build trust? Hint: Valuable content and consistency are key.


Content and Consistency = True Love 4 Ever – Content refers to the pictures, articles, videos and whatever else you share on your Facebook page. Connect with your fans through your content by providing something valuable completely free. For example, I’m sharing these Facebook tips, valuable information, with you through social media (and a few other outlets too – have you seen the Chamber website?). If I were to offer a seminar on Facebook, would you be more interested to attend now that you know I actually have a clue? Correct answer: yes. You don’t have to only share articles and vlogs on your page; mix it up with in-office pictures, comics, and fan shout-outs.

You do have to stay consistent. Content and consistency go hand in hand. Post regularly (note: not 10 times per day unless you want to annoy all your fans) so you stay relevant and in fans’ page feed. It helps to map out a month (or week if you’re more short-sighted) of posts so you’re prepared and able to deliver value to your fans every day. Facebook Insights is a free analytics tool allowing you to gauge how many people are seeing your posts, how many are engaging with what you share, and how you compare to other similar business pages. Find the best time to post and best pieces to share by examining the Insights information on your previous posts.


These 3 basic tips can help improve your Facebook business page’s effectiveness in converting fans and followers into customers. Additionally, a strong online presence helps brand your company, allows fans to get to know your business and makes you and your business a leader in the field.



Brittany Lawton, Marketing Communications Specialist

Colonie Chamber of Commerce

Brittany Lawton is the Marketing Communications Specialist with the Colonie Chamber of Commerce. Using her past experiences in marketing, public relations and advertising, Brittany is transforming the Chamber’s online presence and member benefits in effort to make them an online educations resource and connect space. If you would like to create content for the Chamber newsletter, social media pages and your business’ blog and social media pages, contact Brittany at

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