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5 Reasons You Need To Create Original Content

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2016


Your Chamber membership has some new perks that you may not know about. Did you know you can create content to be shared across a variety of platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Chamber website? Now you can. This new capability is an incredibly important and powerful tool for members to develop and solidify their content marketing efforts. While some may question how spending an hour creating publications is more valuable than accomplishing necessary tasks, there are five major points they must realize.

  1. You reap the unlimited SEO benefits. – When you create original content, such as an article, video, or infographic, and those pieces are shared time and time again with a link back to your website, you improve your search engine optimization, which helps your website rank higher in Google searches.

  2. You can establish expertise and authority. – When you create content, you are using the knowledge you’ve garnered throughout your career to more greatly establish your expertise in your area of work. When employers, co-workers, current customers, and potential customers can easily find your work and recognize that you are confident in your knowledge and skills, you truly stand out.
  3. You build trust between you and potential customers. – As I mentioned above, creating content establishes your expertise and authority for all to see, including potential customers. Additionally, developing publications that establishe your authority also helps build trust between you and potential customers. For example, would you rather hire a web designer who has a blog filled with interesting and relevant articles, videos and photos, such as 10 Sources of Design Inspiration and How to Code Like a Pro, or a web designer without such a prominent online presence?

  4. You develop awareness for your field of work. – Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a respected financial recruiter? Queue Samuel Gergel and his CFO Blog. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a communications guru for a world renowned fashion house? Queue the blogger and online personality Oscar PR Girl. When you create content, you create awareness of your field and what you do every day, allowing the online world an inside look with your unique perspective.
  5. You can bulk up your arsenal of publications for your LinkedIn profile or portfolio. – Did you know LinkedIn has a specific section of your profile where you can share your publications? It does and creating original pieces allows you to fill out that area of your profile and show off those awesome things I talked about before (expertise, authority, trust, etc.) to your employer (current and future) as well as to any networking contacts you’ve added on the social platform.


It is absolutely beneficial to devote an hour or two each week to create original content, especially since your Chamber membership includes content distribution. You submit your original content to and we share it across multiple platforms and on our website, offering you a simple way to amp up your content marketing efforts. Furthermore, we publish the month’s most loved content, as determined by social media likes, shares and interaction, in our monthly newsletter, giving your content the opportunity to reach approximately 2,000 more readers. You can also share your publications on your LinkedIn profile, Company website, personal blog, etc., allowing you to further brand yourself in the online arena. 


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Brittany Lawton is the Marketing Communications Specialist with the Colonie Chamber of Commerce. Using her past  experiences in marketing, public relations, online communications and advertising, Brittany is transforming the Chamber’s online presence and member benefits in effort to make it an online educational resource and connection space.

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