2018 Medical and Dental Insurance



2018 Insurance Information

Taking care of business is synonymous with taking care of your employees & providing them access to quality personal care is essential to that end.  The Colonie Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of medical & dental plans from the area's finest carriers.  The matrices below provide a brief overview of the 2018 plan designs & rates; these are not contracts & the information may be subject to change. Benefit Summaries for the plans below are available upon request.

Questions & requests for additional information should be directed to catherine@coloniechamber.org or call 785-6995.
Important Notes Insurance Terms   /  NYS Paid Family Leave Law


Blue Shield of NENY                 

2018 Small Group Medical Plans / Rates

Additional BSNENY Information:

Formulary  / Link to Provider Network Search  /  Davis Vision Discount Program

Forms:  Enrollment Application Form  /  NEW Small Group Form  /  Domestic Partnership



2018 Medical Plans / Rates

           Enrollment Application Form

Additional CDPHP Information:

Formulary  /  Preventive Meds List  /   Life Points  /  Fitness Connect Telemedicine 


MVP Healthcare                                 

2018 Small Group  Medical Plans / Rates

New Small Group Clients:

            Medical Enrollment & Change Form  /  Dental Enrollment & Change Form  

            Small Group WellLife Rewards Program Flyer - Earn Up To $325!


2018 Sole Proprietor / Individual Medical Plans/Rates

New Sole Proprietor / Individual Clients:

            Medical Enrollment & Change Form

Existing Sole Proprietor Clients:

           Sole Proprietor/Individual Plan Change Form

Additional MVP Information:

Formulary  Preventive Medications List  /  Link to Provider Network   /  Telemedicine



2018 Medicare Advantage Plans  

BlueShield of NENY

BlueShield Medicare Advantage Formulary          

BlueShield Medicare Advantage Enrollment Form



2018 Dental Plans Comparison

Blue Shield: Enrollment Form    /   CDPHP's Delta: Enrollment Form  

Guardian Dental:   Enrollment Application



Prescription Discount Programs:

          Hannaford  /  Price Chopper  /  WalMart 

Brief Comparison of  HSA, HRA & FSA accounts for 2018

Listings of  'qualified medical expenses" are available at www.irs.gov/pub/irs/p502.pdf